Please read in conjunction with the ‘Conditions of Hire’ and 'Additional Terms and  Conditions of Hire' 

Entertainment License No 13/00448/LAPREM 

Registered Charity  No 504012 



• The Hall may be booked for recurring or single lettings. Hall hire is charged by  the hour or session (see separate sheet for charges). The specified rates cover  use of the Hall, the kitchen and use of the lavatories. There is a separate Committee Room that has the use of the lavatories . 

• Hirers must be aged 18 years or over. If the event is to involve persons under the  age of 18 years, the Hirer must give assurances that children under 18 will be  supervised by signing the relevant section on the Booking Agreement Form. 

• Regular Bookings with Fees/Commercial Hirers: Please include copies of your  relevant Public Liability Insurance Certificate to validate your booking. 

• No responsibility whatsoever can be taken for any personal items left on the  premises or any damage caused by them to the premises or any misuse of them  by others. 

• No charge is made for cleaning, provided that all facilities are left clean, tidy and  in good repair, including the lavatories (as well as cooker if used). Any charges  incurred due to breakages, poor cleaning, failure to replace furniture, etc. will be  passed on to the Hirer or deducted from the deposit. 

• No apparatus or equipment of any description can be left on the premises  without the prior consent of the Management Committee. 

The Hall is bookable by the hour or by package rates specified in the ‘Hall Charges’  document. 

The keys will be available by prior arrangement with the Bookings Secretary. CHARGES : See Separate Sheet: ‘Hall Charges’ 


Responsibility for the premises and the key rests with the Hirer during the period of  access to the Hall. The hire period must include set-up and clear-up times. The premises must not be accessed outside of the agreed hire period and must be vacated promptly at  the end of the hire. 

Heating is provided by electric wall heaters, which are fed by a slot meter on the far wall which takes £1 coins. The heaters should be switched on individually. Please remember  to turn them off when you leave. There are also individual plug-in heaters which MUST  be unplugged and turned off before leaving the hall. 

The Village Hall Management Committee reserves the right to enter the Hall at any time  during an event if it has reason to believe there may be a problem, and to impose  further conditions on the spot or curtail the event as it considers necessary for the  welfare of guests or the safety of the building or the impropriety of use. 


Hirers must contact the Bookings Secretary at least one week before the date of hire.  The Bookings Secretary will make arrangements for the collection of the key. The key  must be returned to the collection point immediately after the hire. 

The Hall holds a public entertainment licence. The current capacity of the main Hall is as  follows: 

• Seated at tables 60 


It is the responsibility of the individual Hirers to ensure that they are aware of the  Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and to take reasonable precautions to ensure that  their activities are carried out in a responsible way. 

A copy of the Village Hall Health & Safety Policy is kept in a cupboard in the meeting  room (near the toilets). Contact details of the delegated Committee members are also  kept in the cupboard along with a first aid kit. An additional first aid kit is stored in the  kitchen.  A condition of the booking is that the Hirer has familiarised themselves with  the Health and Safety policy on the website. 

Any accidents should be reported to a delegated member and an Accident Report Form  completed. Accident Report Forms/book  are kept in the kitchen cupboard. 


Hirers must make themselves familiar with the location of the fire extinguishers and the  instructions for use, ‘break-glass’ fire alarms, emergency exits and of the importance of  fire doors. Hirers will be responsible for informing all those using the Hall of the  position of the emergency exits. Hirers must also familiarise themselves with the  instructions on what to do in case of fire. Instructions are displayed on the notice board  in the Village Hall.

Fireworks, party poppers and candles are not allowed, either for internal or external  use with the exception of birthday cake candles. 

Disabled Access 

There is a designated disabled parking space in the car park and access into the building  for wheelchair users into the building through the gate nearby and into the Hall via the  double doors. These are fire doors and must be kept open at all times when the hall is  occupied. There is no accessible toilet at the moment. Assistance dogs are welcome in  the Village Hall. 


There is a car park behind the Village Hall accessed from Mill Lane.  


In order that the Hall can be kept in good condition for all, would Hirers please do the  following at the end of each hire: 

1. Please ensure that the Hall floor is left in good condition (ready for the next  user). Sweep or mop the floor to remove any crumbs etc. (Cleaning equipment  will be found in the kitchen. Brushes and brooms are kept just outside the  kitchen). 

2. Make sure tables and tablecloths are clean before being put away, and put away  tables and chairs where you found them. 

3. Check that all taps in the lavatories and kitchen are turned off, make sure the  lavatories are clean, and any cups, plates etc. that you have used are washed,  dried and put away. 

4. Use the bin bags provided to dispose of rubbish in the outside bin and of  recycling in the appropriate containers. Any rubbish that exceeds the capacity of  the outside bin must be removed by the Hirer. 

5. When you leave, check that all fire doors are closed. 

6. Turn off hot water. 

7. Switch off all the lights you have put on, and any heaters. 

8. Lock the outer doors. 

9. Return the key 

Thank you for your co operation

Halford Village Hall Management Committee: Registered Charity No 504012 3 

April 2021